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For The Trip - Luggage and Security

We have been successfully catering to our clients’ Heathrow airport car parking requirements. Our Heathrow business parking service is hugely popular among business persons. We believe in providing nothing less than the best to our clients and it is due to this we have become a leader in the Heathrow valet parking sphere. We make it a point to understand the needs of the traveller first and then and then only we offer the right solution to them such as meet and greet Heathrow and other services. Therefore, it is not surprising to us why the satisfaction levels of our clients is right up there. Parking at Heathrow airport has become really easy going and comfortable with Business Parking Heathrow. We have compiled some information regarding luggage and security that will definitely be useful to passengers.

It is advisable to reach the airport in advance and in ample of time. The reason for this is due to the improved security measures which denote that check in can be more time-consuming than before. Passengers are now allowed to take more than a single piece of hand luggage with them through security. However, this differs from airline to airline and also the size and weight allowances vary between airlines. The size of the cabin baggage should not be bigger together with handles, side pockets and wheels than the following specifications: 56 cm tall, 15 cm wide and 25 cm deep. Laptops, wheelchairs, walking aids, push chairs are allowed but required to be screened. Liquids such as foams, liquid cosmetics, pastes, lotions, gels and any other liquid-based substance are permitted through the check points of airport security. Liquids in containers of more than 100 ml are not allowed. For liquids in containers less than or equal to 100 ml, they must be enclosed in a single, re-sealable, transparent plastic bag and this bag should not be more than 1 litre in volume. Each passenger is allowed one such bag only and it has to be given for examination. The liquids that do not fit in these plastic bags, need to be packed in the passenger’s hold luggage.

The term liquid here includes:
Syrups, soup and all drinks comprising water
Mascara, lip balms, perfumes, oils, lotions, creams etc.
Sprays and also pressurized containers consisting spray deodorants and shaving foam
Pastes (This includes toothpastes as well)
Shower gel, hair gel etc.

Necessary medicines are allowed in bigger quantities of above 100 ml limit. However, they will be verified. Exceptions to this rule is baby milk and food, however, the passenger might be asked to taste it. After security, the items purchased can be taken on board including liquid stuffs of any size. There are items that are prohibited like scissors with blades, knives, razor blades, tools, household cutlery, party poppers, toy guns, hypodermic needles, slingshots/catapults, pool, snooker and billiard cues, darts, sporting clubs and bats. Syringe necessary for diabetics or for any other medical purposes will be permitted only in hand luggage and only if you can verify the medical requirement. There are some banned items as well and these are: flammable solids and liquids, infectious substances, magnetrons, organic peroxides, devices containing magnets, gas cylinders, tools containing mercury, thinners, paints, lighter fuel, fire lighters, harmful matches, fireworks, cyanide, arsenic, weed killer, poisons, oiled paper, quicklime, creosote, caustic soda, alkalis, corrosives, acids and radioactive materials.